TypeShorts is an evening full of short type presentations taking place in a relaxed atmosphere of a café/bar/pub/gallery (not unlike Pecha Kucha, but without its formal constraints and with drinks) by students, designers, teachers, researchers; essentially anyone who wishes to share their passion for type and graphic design is welcome. Each presentation takes 321 seconds. Presentations can be in English, Slovak, or Czech language and can take any kind of form from self-promotional to educational, from speech to movie screening. The goal is to provide as democratic a stage as possible, therefore there is minimal curatorship.

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TypeShorts programme

Friday, 6 September (Kabaret Špaček)
17:02–17:29 Check-in
17:30–20:00 Michael Hernan (UK) / web
Designing type in a larger Em Box
Lucie Hodická (CZ)
Jaroslav Benda. Typograf a knižní grafik *
Martin Pecina (CZ) / web
The Very Best Type Specimen for the Very Poorest of the Poor Designers
17:50–18:10 Water break
18:10–18:30 Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer (AT) / web
Font gamification
Andrej Dieneš (SK) / web
Písmo pro šport **
Lukáš Pevný/Matěj Málek (CZ) / FI MUNI
Práce studentů AGDM na Fakultě informatiky MU *
Vít Zemčík (CZ/NOR/UK) / web
Teasers for TEDx
18:30–19:00 Beer break
19:00–19:20 Barbara Bigosińska (PL) / web
Climbing up on Mala
Robert Kravjanszki (HU) / web
Pan Knyihar
Pavel Frič (CZ) / web
Monsters *
19:20–19:42 Wine break
19:42–19:53 Jacek Mrowczyk (PL) / 2+3D
From print to screen. From local to global. About the new digital edition of 2+3D design magazine
19:56 The end

The talks will be given in English, Czech (*) or Slovak (**). There is no provision for translations. The programme is subject to change without notice.